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An apparatus and game process having two steps, Step I and Step II, is disclosed having three ways of winning. In step I, the player preselects up to "Y" numbers, "Y" is equal to the number of indicators on the apparatus. In Step, I, the first way of winning (or becoming eligible to win) is by selecting any winning number which will be displayed on any one indicator. The second way of winning is by preselecting a number that occurs more than once in at least two indicators. The third way of winning is by preselecting sequence of occurrence of any number in any indicator. If a person has become eligible to win because of Step I, he or she can then in Step II hold winning numbers and re-spin the others at least once. In Step I or as another second step, he or she can play high-low in a plurality of ways, one of which is adding up the values on the winning indicators. Another Step II would be to answer trivia type questions in order to win the awards of Step I.

Game with multiple winning ways
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July 8, 1988
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June 6, 1989
Joseph Carlisi
3717 Evansdale Dr., Doraville, 30340
Felix M DiRe
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James J Ralabate
A63B 71/04
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