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A solar lighting device for garden or driveway according to this invention transforms solar energy into electric energy using a solar energy absorbing plate and stores the electric energy into an electric battery. A light sensor turns on the lighting circuit during dark hours. The solar lighting device of this invention comprises a solar energy absorbing plate, a shell, an electric battery, a focusing reflector, a lens, and a set of connecting links. The shell has two openings, one opening is inclined with respect to the shell and adapted for the insertion of the solar energy absorbing plate. The other opening is for inserting the lens. The shell holds an electric battery, a board, and a focusing reflector. Also the solar energy absorbing plate engages with the inclined opening of the shell using lugs formed on the rim of the plate, and the frame of the lens is pivotally mounted on the other opening of the shell.

Solar lighting device for garden or driveway
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May 25, 1988
Publication Date
May 30, 1989
Hung Sheng Wen
3F, 5, Lane 14, Yung Kang Street, Taipei 10621
Cushman Darby & Cushman
F21L 11/00
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