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A disposable diaper which has a liquid impervious back sheet (30) to which absorbent padding (38) is attached each having a passage therethrough with a cover (64) enclosing this hole (32) in the back sheet. A pull through insert (42) is juxtapositioned on the padding and a bag (66) is attached to the insert and around this opening (40. A wiping and cleansing action is accomplished prior to removal of the soiled diaper by breaking the cover on the hole and grasping the bag, to which a loop (68) is attached and pulling the insert through the passage while simultaneously using the bag as a glove to accomplish the wiping action. The insert is completely contained within the bag and enclosed by a tie (70). In other embodiments, a conformal liner (74) is positioned over the insert or padding and contains an aperture (76) through which fecal matter passes separating it from the wearer into an area therebetween and alternatively a fully contoured padding contains an aperture below which may be positioned the insert for pull-through wiping.

Diaper with removable absorbent pad
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June 3, 1988
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May 30, 1989
Sarbuland Khan
1539 N. Alexandria Ave., #304, Los Angeles, 90027
Albert O Cota
A61F 13/16
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