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A snap-n-seal connector for coaxial cables includes a connector body, an annular compression sleeve and optionally, a sealing nut. The connector body includes an annular collar member which peripherally engages the jacket of a coaxial cable, a post member coaxially disposed within the annular collar member to engage the dielectric insulation and the braided shield of the coaxial cable, and a rotatable nut member disposed in combination with the collar and post members. The connector body further includes a sealing member disposed between the collar and nut members to form a moisture-proof seal therebetween and an annular contact spring member seated within the collar member and circumferentially disposed about the post member to engage the braided shield of the coaxial cable. The compression sleeve is configured for snap fitting engagement between the jacket of the coaxial cable and the annular collar member to provide a moisture proof circular seal therebetween and to force the braided shield into mechanical and electrical engagement with the contact spring member. The compression sleeve includes a sealing member to provide a 360 degree moisture proof seal between the compression sleeve and the collar member. The sealing nut includes a sealing member and is threaded onto an interface connector to provide a moisture proof seal between the interface connector and the nut member.

Snap-n-seal coaxial connector
Application Number
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Application Date
October 13, 1988
Publication Date
May 30, 1989
Edward J Samchisen
Weingarten Schurgin Gagnebin & Hayes
LRC Electronics
H01R 17/18
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