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There is provided an apparatus for a compartmentalized trash separation container which is compatible with plastic bags and used to separate garbage for recycling purposes, and further having a compartment specially designed for receipt of newspapers or the like. There is provided a retaining apparatus in which the plastic bags installed within the compartments of the container would drape over protruding lips around the compartments. A retainer member with a protruding edge arranged to substantially circumscribe the protruding lips of each compartment is aligned, pressed over the bag and locked in place. The locking mechanism, in one embodiment, is a frictional block arranged to press against the protruding edge of the retainer, and alternatively the lock comprises a ribbed protrusion arranged to lock within a ribbed receptacle.

Trash separation container
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June 13, 1988
Publication Date
May 30, 1989
Mel Reed
14013 Pawnee La., Lockport, 60441
Douglas B White
B65D 21/02
B65D 1/24
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