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The incentive and feedback apparatus includes a plurality of business stations, each having an incentive module and a transaction mechanism for conducting different types of transactions involving different types of products. The incentive module stores a plurality of indices that encode a business type, a product type and a transaction type. An incentive coefficient is identified with each index. Incentive coefficients of greater than 1 (positive) indicate a combination of business, plus product, plus transaction type, which is favored by the economy, while a coefficient of less than 1 (negative) indicates a combination which is considered less favorable. A coefficient of 1 indicates a neutral combination which has been judged neither favorable nor unfavorable. Each transaction is conducted at its market price. For example, a product sold at its correct amount is transferred at this price. During the transaction, however, the amount is multiplied by the coefficient corresponding to the index for that transaction. The difference is then calculated between the multiplication product and the original amount to give a number of incentive units, which are then accumulated and stored in a memory. Positive units above zero level can be used to obtain benefits determined and granted by the system. Data stored in the module can also be accumulated and concentrated at a central location to indicate the success of the incentive system and also indicate whether shifts in the coefficients re-programming the incentive module are necessary.

Apparatus and method to control economical systems
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September 8, 1987
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May 23, 1989
Christian Hinneberg
Juergen Dethloff
Notaro & Michalos
Juergen Dethloff
G06F 15/21
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