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The inventive master station apparatus for a remote supervisory control system makes poke points for selecting remote stations displayed on a video display (3) by an output control circuit (24), so that, when an operator touches one of the poke points on a touch panel (4), a CPU (21) makes the pattern and the current status of a monitored/controlled device of the corresponding remote station and a poke point for a control command displayed. When the poke point for the control command is touched, the CPU (21) transmits a control command to the monitored/controlled device of the corresponding one of remote stations (11, 12, . . . , 1n) through a line interface (5). When control of the corresponding device is executed, the remote station transmits a signal indicating the operation thereof to the master station apparatus (1). On the basis of the operation indicating signal, the CPU (21) updates the content of a status memory (23), and the status indication displayed on the video display (3) through the output control circuit (24).

Master station apparatus for remote supervisory control system with touch panel video display
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September 1, 1987
Publication Date
May 23, 1989
Torao Yamanaka
Lowe Price LeBlanc Becker & Shur
Mitsubishi Denki Kabushiki Kaisha
G06F 15/46
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