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The invention includes an operator station emergency visual assurance system for providing the operator with substantially uninterrupted access to operationally necessary visual information under emergency conditions of a progressive invasion by heavy smoke and/or particulate matter toward and/or into the space between the source of said visual information and the operator. The system includes a station with a source of visual information. An operator position is provided spaced from said source of visual information with positionable means for providing a clear path of visibility between said source of visual information and the operator when in the operator position, when the positionable means is positioned between the source of visual information and the operator. The invention also includes the method of utilizing the system.

Operator station emergency visual assurance method and apparatus
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July 22, 1987
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May 23, 1989
Bertil Werjefelt
P.O. Box 1600, Kailua, 96734
Shlesinger Arkwright & Garvey
B64D 11/00
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