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A portable, adjustable apparatus for dry land swimming training is disclosed. The apparatus comprises a frame supporting a bench on which the torso of a user can be supported in generally horizontal position, lever means secured to the frame behind the bench to supportably receive the user's legs, the lever means being moveable upon movement of the user's legs, and arm movement means secured to the frame for gripping by the user's hands to permit swimming-like movement of the user's arms. The arm movement means consists of a pair of retractable cords. A hand grip means is secured to one end of each cord and the other end of each cord is secured to a retractable pulley means. The bench has associated therewith means to adjust upwardly or downwardly the midsection of the bench with respect to the rest thereof. The apparatus according to the present invention is fully adjustable to different sizes of users, and provides a strengthening workout or an endurance workout under controlled conditions, while at the same time providing a simulation of forces exerted on a person swimming in the water.

Dry land swimming training apparatus
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February 5, 1988
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May 16, 1989
Robert J Kennedy
2373 Urbandale Drive, Ottawa, Ontario
Burke Robertson
A63B 69/10
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