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A process for oligomerizing alpha olefin to produce lubricant range hydrocarbon stock including the step of contacting said alpha olefin with a supported solid reduced Group VIB (e.g., chromium) catalyst under oligomerization conditions at a temperature of about 90.degree. to 250.degree. C. to produce liquid lubricant hydrocarbon. The product comprises the polymeric residue of linear C.sub.6 -C.sub.20 1-alkenes, said composition having a branch ratio of less than 0.19. The weight average molecular weight is between 420 and 45,000, number average molecular weight between 420 and 18,000, molecular weight distribution between 1 and 5 and pour point below -15.degree. C. The hydrogenated lubricant range hydrocarbon product has viscosity index of about 130 to 280 and viscosity up to about 750 cS. The process is particularly useful where the starting alpha olefin consists essentially of olefinic hydrocarbon having 8 to 14 carbon atoms or mixtures thereof; wherein the process conditions include reaction temperature of about 100.degree. to 180.degree.; and wherein the support catalyst includes porous inert silica.

Process for manufacturing olefinic oligomers having lubricating properties
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June 23, 1988
Publication Date
May 2, 1989
Margaret M Wu
Belle Mead
L G Wise
Charles J Speciale
Alexander J McKillop
Mobil Oil Corporation
C07C 2/10
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