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An improved sample carrier and pipette tips for use in an automated sample handling device are disclosed. This carrier mounts on and is removable from a carousel and has spaced about the circumference of its body a plurality of apertures for receiving the sample containers. Each aperture has on its interior side, that is its axis side, an intruding resilient finger which is deflected when a sample container is inserted into the aperture and which applies pressure on the sample container forcing it against the outside edge of the aperture and preventing inadvertent rotation of the sample container within the aperture. In the most common embodiment the apertures are substantially parallel to the axis of the circular body of the carrier so that they can be accessed by sample-handling equipment moving perpendicular to the plane of rotation of the carousel. In another embodiment the apertures are angled in a posture where they can undergo angled centrifugation, if desired. The sample carrier is also adapted to carry a plurality of pipette tips for sequential pick up by an automated pipette. Pipette tips particularly adapted for automatic pick up are also disclosed.

Carousel and tip
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June 20, 1986
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April 25, 1989
Fred G Williams
San Anselmo
Albert P Halluin
William H Benz
Cetus Corporation
G01N 35/06
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