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An exercising device for use with the frame of a wheelchair and which comprises a cross-bar having an adjustable length and capable of being connected to the opposite sides of the frame of a wheelchair. The cross-bar is comprised of a pair of cross-bar sections pivotally connected intermediate their ends so that if the wheelchair itself is of a foldable construction, the wheelchair may be collapsed or folded with the cross-bar attached. A connecting arm is provided for pivotally connecting the cross-bar to a crankable assembly. The crankable assembly comprises a hand operated crank mechanism and a foot operated crank mechanism. Moreover, a stand is provided on the crankable assembly so that a driven wheel of this assembly can be elevated for enabling exercising by operation of each or both of the crank assemblies and which wheel can be lowered to the ground for causing propelling movement of the wheelchair.

Exercising device for use with a wheelchair
Application Number
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January 19, 1988
Publication Date
April 25, 1989
Jonie M T Moore
1455 W. 120th St., Los Angeles, 90047
Robert J Schaap
B62M 1/14
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