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Disclosed is a device for generating an analog output signal indicative of an impact to a transucer. The tranducer may be mounted on protective equipment utilized in various martial arts fields, such as headgear, hand or footgear, protective vests and the like or can be mounted on training equipment, such as a heavy bag, striking pad, etc. In a preferred embodiment the transducer is a piezoelectric film which, upon deformation, generates an electrical signal which is indicative of the amount of deformation. By placing the piezoelectric film on top of a deformable material, in a preferred embodiment sandwiching it in the deformable material, impacts to the deformable material will strain the piezoelectric film generating the signal output. In a further embodiement of the present invention, the piezoelectric transducer is mounted on a target pad and provides an analog output indicative of the characteristic of an object impacting the target pad, i.e., baseball, softball, tennis ball, hockey puck, golf ball, etc. For use in the martial arts, the transducer may be connected to a transmitter and remote receiver for providing an indication of the impact at a remote location. In further preferred embodiments, the transucers may be mounted on one participant's headgear so as to provide an indication of impacts delivered to that participant by another participant in the sport or mounted on the hands or feet of the participant to provide a signal by means of a flexible transducer mounted on the hand or foot, thus providing an indication of a flow delivered to another party.

Sports scoring device including a piezoelectric transducer
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September 8, 1986
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April 25, 1989
Barry J French
30612 Salem Dr., Bay Village, 44140
Louis J Weisz
Mark M Kusner
D Peter Hochberg
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