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A prosthesis and a surgical procedure (process) therefore are provided having a relatively thin plate fitted to a resected portion of the tibial plateau with the plate fitting uniformly around a major portion of the calcareous bone of the cortical wall. A pin on the under side of the plate aligned substantially with the axis of the intramedullary canal of the tibia fixes the plate against transverse relative motion between the plate and plateau, and blades or keels also on the under side of the plate are aligned maximum density (strength) of the cancellous bone of the plateau and fix the plate against rotation relative to the plateau. The surgical procedure of the invention employs a template to assure approximate positioning, and exact interrelationship between the plate and the fixing means.

Process and apparatus for tibial plateau compenent
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May 19, 1987
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April 18, 1989
Frederick C Ewald
4 Black Oak Rd., Weston, 02193
Peter S Walker
15 Hallett Hill Rd., Weston, 02193
Wolf Greenfield & Sacks
F24C 15/20
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