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A dispenser (1) has an admixing chamber (5) for each of the admixing components to be mixed together in a main chamber (4), the admixing chamber being inserted in a mount (7) of main chamber (4) formed by a vessel neck. A partition of the admixing chamber (5) is essentially constructed as a closure part (17), which is connected in one piece with admixing chamber (5) by means of a predetermined breaking point (18) and forms a component of a riser tube (6). For putting the discharge apparatus into operation a closure is opened and a discharge pump (3) within mount (7) is so introduced into admixing chamber (5) that the discharge pump (3) is connected with a suction connection (27) accompanied by the opening of a tube connection with riser tube (6) and then through further axial displacement of tube (6) the closure part (17) is broken free, so that the component flows from admixing chamber (5) into main chamber (4). Through the operation of discharge pump (3), the mixing medium can be discharged directly via the discharge channel (38) of the discharge pump (3).

Monually operable dispenser for media with multiple components
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October 7, 1987
Publication Date
April 18, 1989
Thomas Skorka
Steele Gould & Fried
Ing Erich Pfeiffer & Co KG
B67B 7/24
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