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An orthopedic cervical pillow is disclosed which has a substantially flat undersurface and an uppersurface contoured to form a back engaging portion transitioning into a convex neck engaging portion further transitioning into a head engaging portion. Self-adjusting lift of the back and neck engaging portions is accomplished by means of a relieved section in the undersurface of the pillow generally beneath the head engaging portion. The relieved section extends entirely across the width of the pillow and extends from a forwardmost point underneath the neck engaging portion to approximately halfway under the head engaging portion wherein the contour of the relieved section assumes a substantially vertical contour at its rearmost portion.

Self-adjusting orthopedic cervical pillow
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November 19, 1987
Publication Date
April 18, 1989
George J Burkhardt
116D Cherry Park Condominiums, Park Blvd., Cherry Hill, 08002
Charles F Duffield
A47C 20/02
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