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The present invention provides an apparatus and method for evaluating the psychophysiological reflex arcs. Unique to this invention is the trichotomy of a reflex into Sense-Decide-Act Loop. The invention embodies knowledge about stimulus presentation, the monitoring of striking behavior, and in the evaluation of three reflex phase times. Optionally, the type of strike, e.g., punch, jab, block, kick, and physiology, i.e., the characteristics of the sensory/motor pathways, are used to gain a more accurate assessment of reflex performance rather than merely using the absolute length of reaction time. Decision making by the trainee, also, more closely approaches "worldly" combative/competitive situations by adding complex stimuli that must be discriminated among each other in comparison to the mere triggering of lights or other sensory stimuli. The apparatus is self contained in the single-chip microcomputer version. More elaborate testing configurations can be applied to testing one or more trainees in the microcomputer version using a personal computer.

Psychophysiological reflex arc training simulator
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June 25, 1986
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April 4, 1989
Larry G Mah
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Dana J Redington
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Flehr Hohbach Test Albritton & Herbert
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