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A surfing video game in which a surfing figure on a monitor moves over simulated waves to gain playing rewards is controlled by a foot-actuated surfboard simulator. The simulator has a horizontally mounted elongate surfboard having a suspension system consisting of a fulcrum member adapted to support the board to permit tilting in all directions, and a biasing system mounted annularly to the fulcrum which tends to maintain the board in a horizontal position and to dampen tilting movement of the board. An attitude sensor and switch module is mounted on the controller and consists of a gravity-actuated closure member, such as a pendulum or ball bearing, having a common electrical contact and positioned to engage one or more of a plurality of equally spaced electrical contacts located around the periphery of the closure member.

Video game control unit and attitude sensor
Application Number
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May 8, 1987
Publication Date
April 4, 1989
Paul E Goo
1188 Bishop, #1905, Honolulu, 96813
Seiler Quirk & Tratos
H01H 19/00
A63F 9/00
A63B 71/00
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