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A dual fuel compression ignition engine (10) comprises a gas fuel supply system (20-25) for the engine (10), and a diesel fuel supply system (12-16) for the engine, including an injection pump (11) having a governor and a control member to control the amount of diesel fuel injected into the engine by the pump (11), and means (13') to arrest movement of the control member (11a) in the direction to increase the supply of diesel fuel to the engine, at a position to supply pilot fuel at a constant, or substantially constant, rate, the position for arrest being determined in accordance with at least one operating condition of the engine, such as the engine speed. Another embodiment shows a present rail system. In both, the amount of pilot diesel fuel is adjusted by a feed-back signal indicative of the amount of pilot fuel injected.

Dual fuel compression ignition engine
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April 15, 1987
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April 4, 1989
Timothy J Bedford
Castle Donnington
Marshall O Toole Gerstein Murray & Bicknell
Gaspower International
F02D 19/10
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