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An apparatus and method for automated marketing and gaming wherein a player inserts an identification card into an automated remote interface device and accesses an account at a subject financial institution. The user identifier provides access to the financial account, and a user indicia is compared to a game indicia. In one form a sweepstakes processor compares the user and game indicia to determine whether a selected winning correlation is present between the game indicia and user indicia. The appartus is adapted to be used with a network of data processing machines and a transmission facilities device, which provides data processing communication among the data processing machines. The processor can alternatively be in electronic communication with a government-associated lottery system to purchase lottery chances for distribution to users of the remote interface device. Further, the processor can be utilized to allow a user to purchase a lottery ticket electronically through a transfer of funds from the user's financial account to a lottery-type game account.

Automated marketing and gaming systems
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April 2, 1987
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March 28, 1989
Maynard E Small
105 Ward Pkwy., Apt. 507, Kansas City, 64112
Litman McMahon & Brown
A63F 9/00
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