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An arrangement for transporting air with the aid of so-called ion-wind includes at least one corona electrode (K) and at least one target electrode (M) located downstream of the corona electrode at a distance therefrom. The arrangement also includes a direct-current voltage source, the two terminals of which are connected to the corona electrode and the target electrode respectively. The construction of the corona electrode and the voltage of the voltage source are such that a corona discharge generating air ions occurs at the corona electrode. The occurrence of an ion current flowing in a direction upstream from the corona electrode, and thus counter acting the desired direction of air transport, is prevented by effectively screening the corona electrode in a manner such that the strength of any ion current flowing in the upstream direction and the distance through which such an ion current migrates from the corona electrode is practically zero, or in all events much smaller than the product of the ion-current strength and the distance migrated by the ion current in a direction downstream from the corona electrode. The distance from the corona electrode to that part of the target electrode receiving the predominant part of the ion current is at least 50 mm, and preferably at least 80 mm.

Corona discharge air transporting arrangement
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January 13, 1987
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March 14, 1989
Andrzej Loreth
Vilmos Torok
Browdy & Neimark
Astra Vent
H01T 23/00
H01J 7/24
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