04811504 is referenced by 21 patents and cites 26 patents.

A sole or plantar surface for footwear which may be incorporated in a walking appliance or attachment for conventional ski boots, and wherein the footwear has been deliberately configured to retain a foot in a substantially rigid and inflexible manner which interferes with a normal walking gait. The surface configuration facilitates walking by including at least one roll point area spaced rearwardly from the forward end. The one roll point area lies in a plane angularly disposed relative to the longitudinal axis of the plantar surface and in a direction towards the medial surface of the footwear.

Walk ease ski boot soles
Application Number
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January 28, 1988
Publication Date
March 14, 1989
Clinton R Bunke
103 S. Towanda - Ste. 7, Normal, 61761
Fred Wiviott
C Thomas Sylke
John C Cooper III
A43B 13/00
A43B 5/00
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