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A cannular instrument having a pair of cannulas and a pair of needles that are slidably disposed through the cannulas such that the ends of the needle extend beyond the associated ends of the cannulas. A method for inserting a cannula instrument a blood stream of an artery which includes adjusting and rotating the needles such that a facial plane on each of the beveled ends of the needles generally face in the same direction. The beveled ends of each needle and the accompanying associated ends of the two cannulas are situated within the artery and the needles may be withdrawn in order to connect to the cannulas intravenous bags holding medicinal fluids.

Cannular instrument and method for inserting a cannular instrument into a vein
Application Number
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March 9, 1987
Publication Date
February 28, 1989
Consuelo M Dean
926 S. Hillside, Wichita, 67211
John Wade Carpenter
A61M 3/00
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