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Apparatus and methods for attaching cable to a surface and for thus installing the cable. Apparatus includes driving guns improved for driving fasteners through clips, and guns having the capability to selectively prevent the advance of the magazine contents, such that the gun plunger may strike a fastener more than once. Apparatus also includes driving guns having modified magazines for receiving clips and improved clips which may be loaded into the modified magazines of the guns. The clips have retainer means thereon functional for assembling the clips into a strip by engagement of the retainer means on surfaces of adjacent clips. The clips may be used with staples or nails as fasteners. The driving surface of the gun may be modified for accommodation of the combination design of clip and fastener.

Apparatus for attaching cable to a surface
Application Number
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June 8, 1987
Publication Date
February 21, 1989
Gary W Erickson
819 Arthur St., Menasha, 54952
Thomas D Wilhelm
B27F 7/00
B25C 5/06
B25C 5/02
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