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A hydromotive machine apparatus comprises a bulkhead assembly comprised of an array of water tubes connected to each other with their longitudinal axes in parallel to provide the bulkhead as a relatively light and strong, truss-like integral unit providing a plurality of water flow paths through it. A plurality of submersible hydraulic electromotive machines, which may be generators and/or pumps, is mounted on the bulkhead assembly with runners of the machines disposed within respective water flow paths provided by the water tubes. The apparatus may include a trash screen mounted thereon, and/or valves associated with the water tubes to control the flow of water therethrough. The apparatus may be installed in a hydroelectic power installation by assembling it at a site remote from the water course operating site, for example, at an elevated position above the water level, and moving the apparatus, or at least the bulkhead assembly, as a unit to a submerged, operating position within a water course or passageway.

Hydromotive machine apparatus and method of constructing the same
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July 21, 1987
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February 14, 1989
Henry K Obermeyer
36 Wickhams Fancy, Rivers Edge Rd., Collinsville, 06022
Victor E Libert
F03B 13/10
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