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An encapsulated die package (20) is shown in which a semiconductor die is connected in a die-attach aperture of a copper foil tape (11). Die contact pads (31) are bonded to the inner ends (31a) of interconnected finger contacts (13) on the tape. Finger contacts etched in the foil include splayed out portions (15) extending to probe ends (19). Interconnect cross-links (16) initially connect the finger contacts and the tape edges and function as dam bars in subsequent encapsulation steps. The die and die bonds are mold encapsulated to form the die package (20) and a carrier frame (17) is simultaneously molded around and spaced from the periphery of package (20). The probe ends are exposed within a slot (34) in the frame or extend from the ends of the frame so that probe tips can be pressed thereon to test the die and its bonds. Prior to testing, the interconnects exposed in the annulus between the package and the carrier are blanked out so that each finger leading from a die contact pad becomes discrete, i.e. is no longer interconnected to an adjoining finger, so that testing of each die contact and bond can be done. The stiff molded carrier acts to support the probe ends of the fingers and protects and stiffens the foil tape for the testing operations and for shipping and handling purposes.

Method for making a pre-testable semiconductor die package
Application Number
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June 18, 1987
Publication Date
January 31, 1989
Thanomsak Sankhagowit
San Jose
Mark Aaker
Gail W Woodward
Lee Patch
National Semiconductor Corporation
H01L 23/48
H01L 5/00
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