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A prefabricated wrapper for a bouquet of flowers is provided having a decorative crush-to-hold intermediate portion. The bouquet wrapper has a generally conical shape with a lower portion formed as a cup for receipt of flower stems. An upper portion is open for receipt of flowers. The intermediate portion is formed of a metal foil or the like, and is positioned between the upper and lower portions of the wrapper, as a laminate on the upper and lower portions formed unitarily, or as an intermediate portion attached at its margins to upper and lower portions. The wrapper is made of flexible material so that when the intermediate portion is crushed around the stems of flowers, the flowers are held in a gathered position. A disk-shaped portion may be fastened to the upper end of the wrapper to further secure a bouquet of flowers within the wrapper.

Bouquet sleeve
Application Number
Publication Number
Application Date
October 28, 1986
Publication Date
January 31, 1989
Patricia H Meadows
593 California Way, Redwood City, 94062
Cushman Darby & Cushman
B65D 85/50
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