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An auxiliary rifle sight for attachment to the telescope mounting elements of a rifle, and having front and rear sight devices, which, along with couplers, are dimensioned, configured and arranged for being received within and/or coaction with the existing geometrical form or shape of the front and rear portions, respectively, of the telescope mounting elements of the rifle. The rear sight device is configured for attachment to the rear portion of the telescope mounting element, such as a telescope base, and, in one embodiment, includes a block member with T-shaped cutouts in opposing sides thereof for coaction with T-shaped coupling members having the cross-arms thereof fitted within the slots, with the leg portion thereof provided with an arcuate segment having a convex outer surface for coaction with a matingly configured concave shoulder portion of a screw, tightening of the screws into the base camming the block into intimate contact with the rear scope mounting element. The front sight coacts with the existing shape of the front of the base, which may have a circular or rectangular opening, with a threaded member locking the front sight to the front mounting element with the blade of the sight in alignment with the rear sight. Other embodiments are shown and described.

Auxiliary rifle sight
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November 10, 1987
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January 24, 1989
Raymond F Booze
8539 Cole St., Downey, 90242
Gausewitz Carr & Rothenberg
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