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The disclosed invention is primarily directed to sensor modules for mounting directly upon energized electrical power lines to monitor parameters associated with operation thereof, wherein the modules have a more compact lateral configuration than prior art modules designed for the same purpose. The modules include a first, cylindrical housing portion containing the sensors and other electronic data processing and transmitting elements, and a second housing portion, affixed to the exterior of the first portion and extending not more than about 150.degree. around the periphery thereof, and enclosing mechanical elements of the module mounting. Also disclosed are circuitry for improving the accuracy of voltage measurements made by such modules by compensating for effects of adjacent, energized conductors, a method for reducing the number of frequency channels required for RF data transmissions by a large number of sensor modules at a substation, a method for acquiring time-synchronized data from multiple modules within a substation for accurate post-fault, sequence-of-events analysis, a method for performing high speed sampling and comparison of cyclically variable parameters for relaying and harmonic measurement applications, and optical communications links for transmitting data from sensor modules.

Electrical power line parameter measurement apparatus and systems, including compact, line-mounted modules
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May 11, 1987
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January 17, 1989
Roosevelt A Fernandes
104 Ruby Rd., Liverpool, 13088
Charles S McGuire
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G01R 21/133
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