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An integral disposable absorbent article such as a diaper provided with an absorbent core, a liquid impervious backsheet, an elastically contractible gasketing cuff preferably formed by a gasketing flap and a flap elastic member, a barrier cuff having a flap portion and a channel portion comprising a proximal edge and a distal edge, and a liquid pervious topsheet. The topsheet extends outwardly toward the edge of the absorbent core and terminates inwardly of the proximal edge. A seal means for adjoining the proximal edge to the gasketing flap is positioned along the proximal edge so as to provide a leakage-resistant seal along the proximal edge. The barrier cuffs may be provided with spacing means for spacing the distal edges away from the liquid-receiving surface so as to enhance the containment characteristics of the barrier cuffs. Thus, body exudates which wick through and along the topsheet are prevented from flowing to the edges of the diaper and underneath the barrier cuffs because of the seal formed along the proximal edges and because the topsheet terminates inwardly of the proximal edges.

Absorbent article having leakage-resistant dual cuffs
Application Number
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October 30, 1987
Publication Date
January 3, 1989
Jerry L Dragoo
Fredrick H Braun
John M Pollaro
Steven W Miller
The Procter & Gamble Company
A61F 13/16
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