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An angioplasty device is disclosed for treatment of, or for compression and/or removal of an obstruction from, a vessel or vessel-like structure in medical, non-medical and industrial applications. The device incorporates a trap/barrier for trapping and removing particles that break away from the treatment site with traditional angioplasty devices including but not limited to balloons, cutting rotors, fiber meshes, lasers and the like. The device also provides means for removing the trapped particles from the treated vessel. An angioplasty device is also enclosed that incorporates only the trap/barrier and particles removal elements of the previously described device.

A method for treatment of, or for removal or compression of an obstruction in, a vessel or vessel-like structure is disclosed that utilizes an angioplasty device of the instant invention. A method employing an angioplasty device of the instant invention is also disclosed for preventing particles from escaping from a point of manipulation of a vessel or vessel-like structure.

Angioplasty device and method of using the same
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June 10, 1987
Publication Date
January 3, 1989
Harold D Kletschka
1925 Noble Dr., Minneapolis, 55422
Dorsey & Whitney
A61M 29/02
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