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A vena cava filter for preventing migration of venous clots into the pulmonary circulation is disclosed. The filter comprises a tubular body, the wall surface of which is partitioned by a pattern of slots into a latticework to render the tubular body radially expandable; a head piece affixed to the circumference of the distal end of the tubular body; and a plurality of tines affixed in substantially uniform circumferential spacing about the proximal end of the tubular body. The filter is delivered to the inferior vena cava by catheter means. The filter is deployed to an affixed position within the caval lumen by radial expansion to its operative diameter by balloon expansion of a balloon catheter.

Balloon expandable vena cava filter to prevent migration of lower extremity venous clots into the pulmonary circulation
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November 15, 1986
Publication Date
December 27, 1988
Julio C Palmaz
12610 Stonehenge, San Antonio, 78230
Pravel Gambrell Hewitt Kimball & Krieger
A61B 17/00
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