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A multilayer data carrier into which a carrier element supporting an IC module is incorporated comprises a flexible substrate on which contact surfaces are formed which are connected to the IC module via leads. The carrier element is deformed in such a way, when being incorporated into the data carrier, that the IC module, in the finished data carrier, is located in the center of the card protected by cover layers of the card and the contact surfaces are flush with the surface of the card. A method for producing the data carrier comprises laminating a substrate layer carrying an IC-module with its leads and contact pad surfaces on one surface thereof between outer protective layers and with a central core layer such that the IC-module is disposed centrally within the data carrier with the contact surfaces disposed in apertures in one of the outer protective layers flush with the surface of said one layer.

Data carrier having an integrated circuit and method for producing same
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October 13, 1987
Publication Date
December 20, 1988
Joachim Hoppe
Breisacher Str. 1, 8000 Munchen 80
Yahya Haghiri Tehrani
Winzerer Str. 98, 8000 Munchen 40
Bacon & Thomas
G11C 11/34
H01L 23/30
G06K 19/06
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