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A package for two pressurized receptacles of the aerosol can type comprises a cylindrical enclosure of oval cross-section; a rider joining the two valve cups thereof; and a dispensing member comprising an actuation region and two outlet orifices, each connected to one of the two valve outlets by a channel provided in the dispensing member. The actuation region comprises two conduits each defining at least one part of one of the two channels feeding the orifices and slidable inside a duct carried by the rider; each duct is arranged opposite a dispensing valve carried by one of the valve cups; and each of the conduits actuates opening of the corresponding valve by sliding of its associated duct under the effect of a movement of the actuation region by a force exerted by a user. The package may be used for two products which are not to be mixed until the time of use.

Package for two pressurized receptacles
Application Number
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Application Date
May 8, 1987
Publication Date
December 20, 1988
Antonin Goncalves
Cushman Darby & Cushman
L Oreal
B65D 83/06
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