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A buckle for a strap comprises a rectangular body formed with a window defined by a planar rectangular frame with a fixed bar at an edge of the body, and a pair of guide walls extending generally perpendicularly to the fixed bar, and a movable bar in the window parallel to the fixed bar and defining therewith a gap into which a strap can be passed and which can clamp the strap against the fixed bar. The movable bar is provided with wedge-shaped formations tapering toward the fixed bar bordering the window, the walls being formed with lateral slots respectively receiving the wedge-shaped formations with clearance and tapered correspondingly with substantially the same angle of taper and such that movement of the formations in the respective slots in a direction opposite the direction of taper thereof increases play between the formations and the slots whereas movement of the formations in the respective slots in an opposite direction wedges the formations without play in the slots.

Strap fastener
Application Number
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Application Date
June 3, 1987
Publication Date
December 20, 1988
Gerhard Fildan
Dieselstrasse 20, D-7250 Leonberg
Herbert Dubno
A44B 11/10
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