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An apparatus and method for removing a target object from a body passageway. The apparatus comprises a catheter, a spiral wound coil disposed within the catheter and rotatably driven by an air actuated drive means, and a parachute basket. The spiral wound coil has a cutting tip at its distal end which is housed within the distal tip of the catheter and is prevented from extending outside the catheter by a grommet. In most situations, the target object is fragmented by the cutting action of the tip of the spiral wound coil as it is rotated at high speed within the catheter by the air actuated drive means. Rotation of the spiral wound coil also facilitates transport of the target fragments through the catheter lumen simultaneously with aspiration. The parachute basket is deployed downstream of the target object in order to capture any target fragments not aspirated into the catheter lumen. In situations where it is necessary to fragment relatively hard objects, such as atheroma or kidney stones, a drilling tool rotatably driven by a second air actuated drive means may also be provided which can be advanced through the distal open end of the catheter.

Apparatus and method for removing a target object from a body passsageway
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November 15, 1985
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December 13, 1988
Mark C Hawkins
R.R. #2, Box 178, Micanopy, 32667
Irvin F Hawkins Jr
c/o Mail Department, Radiology, Shands Teaching Hospital, University of Florida, Gainesville, 32601
Finnegan Henderson Farabow Garrett & Dunner
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