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An auction information transmission processing system is constructed by connecting a most significant front computer to a host computer, arranging at least one stage of a plurality of intermediate front computers and a plurality of least significant front computers so as to be connectable to the most significant front computer in a tree-like configuration via communication lines, and arranging a plurality of dealer terminals so as to be connectable to each of the least significant front computers via communication lines. Each of the dealer terminals has basic pattern data storage means storing pattern data indicative of basic display screen pictures and exhibit data storage means storing data peculiar to articles on exhibit at an auction. When the system is started up, the host computer transmits a line connection signal to the front computers. After bidding starts, each of the front computers, in response to a command from the host computer, selects a predetermined number solely of bid-up signals from each of the dealer terminals and transmits these signals to a front computer. The most significant front computer selects only a predetermined number of bid-up signals and bids up the price of an exhibit being auctioned. After a pledge to buy an exhibit is made, the least significant front computers identify pledging members based on the member registration data, and data indicative of these members are transmitted to the front computers of higher significance.

Auction information transmission processing
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January 30, 1987
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December 6, 1988
Masataka Fujisaki
Armstrong Nikaido Marmelstein & Kubovcik
Flex Japan
G06F 3/14
G06F 7/38
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