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New product consisting of wood which is torrefied between 250.degree. and 280.degree. C. in a non oxidizing atmosphere, in the form of sticks of uniform length: 15 mm for example and having a diameter comprised between 5 and 20 mm, which are not disbarked. The preparation of the method comprised the obtention by culture of rectilinear ligneous rejections, the cutting, drying and torrefaction thereof preferably in a vertical reactor (101) where the material to be torrefied (115) is traversed by a gas stream circulating at high speed.

Method for producing torrefied wood, product obtained thereby, and application to the production of energy
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January 9, 1987
Publication Date
November 29, 1988
Jacques Leclerc de Bussy
80290 Poix de Picardie, Bussy
Watson Cole Grindle & Watson
C10L 5/44
C10L 5/00
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