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An intraluminal grafting system includes a hollow graft which has a plurality of staples adapted proximate its proximal end. The system includes a guide for positioning the proximal end of the graft upstream in a lumen which may be a blood vessel or artery. The back of the guide has a cavity into which the proximal end of the graft is retained. A rod extends from the cavity to exterior the lumen for manipulation by the user. A tube is positioned over the rod to extend from the cavity and through the graft to exterior the lumen. The tube has an inflatable membrane proximate the cavity end thereof which is in communication via a channel with inflation and deflation means located exterior the lumen. With the inflatable membrane deflated, the guide means is positioned into the lumen and manipulated to a desired location. The inflatable membrane is inflated to place a force against the staples as the guide is manipulated by the rod away from the graft. The force exerted by the inflatable membrane forces the staples into the lumen.

Intraluminal graft device, system and method
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December 10, 1986
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November 29, 1988
Harrison M Lazarus
324 Tenth Ave.-260, Salt Lake City, 84103
Trask Britt & Rossa
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A61F 2/06
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