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This invention relates to a unique log structure system and method of constructing same. An array of ripples is machined into parallel top and bottom surfaces of each log. The ripples are the same size, spacing and configuration and comprise peaks and valleys in the top ripple surface aligned with valleys and peaks, respectively, in the lower ripple surface. Logs are stacked with the top ripple surface of a lower log interlocked with a bottom ripple surface of an upper log. At the corners first and second logs are notched so as to interlock with their axes intersecting at a predetermined angle. Third and fourth logs are notched and interlocked at the structure corner with their axes also intersecting at the predetermined angle. The third and fourth logs are stacked on top of the first and second logs so their respective ripple surfaces interlock. Some logs are interlocked between other logs but with a narrower horizontal dimension so as to permit spaces between logs for wiring. Holes filled with sealant and additional notches aligning with the holes are formed in the logs perpendicular to the ripple surfaces where the logs are notched to prevent air passage through the notches. Additional ripple surfaces are provided on vertical surfaces of logs to facilitate butt and corner joining, particularly in logs of man-made materials.

The method includes the steps of forming upper and lower ripple surfaces in logs, stacking the logs, notching the logs, interlocking the notches, interlocking the ripple surfaces, forming holes through the logs at the interlocked notches, and filling the holes with sealant to prevent air flow through the notches.

Log structures and method of constructing same
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February 11, 1982
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November 29, 1988
Dwayne Gascho
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Learman & McCulloch
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