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An otoscope having a coupling device and a curette having a corresponding coupling device for releasably attaching the curette to the otoscope are useful for examining and treating small cavities such as the ear canal. The otoscope includes a lens for viewing the ear canal. The curette is fabricated from a flexible material which is also transluscent to transmit light from a light source in the otoscope into the ear canal. An optical path is defined from the light source to illuminate tissues in the cavity. The light path and view path preferably converge so that a direct, illuminated view is provided to the examiner. The curette can have a channel for introducing medicinal fluids into the cavity or for withdrawing matter from the cavity. A swab for removal of fluids or culture samples from the ear canal can be provided on the curette. The head portion of the curette can have an inclined wall portion to provide a lens assembly for directing light from the curette into the cavity.

Otoscope and flexible, disposable curette for use therewith
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September 12, 1986
Publication Date
November 22, 1988
Philip D Mattson
1776 Plantation Way, El Cajon, 92020
Beveridge DeGrandi & Weilacher
F21V 33/00
A61B 17/22
A61B 1/22
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