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For intensive cleaning of both lenses and frames of glasses, a cleaning vessel is provided having a cover which sealingly contains a cleaning fluid for receiving the glasses. A holder provided in the vessel for retaining different lengths of spectacles so they are centered in the vessel. The holder may be secured to the underside of the cover or in the bottom of the vessel or there may be holders in both locations. The holders are cupped outwardly relative to the interior of the vessel and centrally disposed to retain the spectacles permanently away from the sides of the vessel. The holders may be composed of a resilient material, cage-shaped or may be bellows so as to be self-adjustable for different sizes of spectacles. For different purposes, the vessels may be circular or oval in cross-section or have sides which as seen in cross-section, coincide with the outer peripheries of crossed ovals. Oval cross-sections may be provided with channels (or pocket shaped additional space) projecting outwardly and longitudinally along one or both of the wider sides.

Cleaning receptacle for spectacles
Application Number
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January 22, 1987
Publication Date
November 8, 1988
Siegfried Freise
Wilhelmvon Miller-Weg 8, D-8100 Garmisch-Partenkirchen/Upper Bavaria
Robert A Miller
Penrose Lucas Albright
B65D 81/22
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