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There is disclosed an inner shoe for a molded ski boot which includes a foot warmer mechanism having an electrical resistance heater, an electrical generator, a mechanical translator to translate vertical movements of the wearer's heel into uni-directional rotational movement of a flywheel, and a gear box mechanically coupling the flywheel to the electrical generator. Specific features of the mechanism include: a shock absorbing resilient coupling of the flywheel to prevent damaging the mechanism while juming or otherwise subjecting the shoe to hard usage; interchangeable generators and gear boxes to accommodate wearer's of varied size and weight as well as for varied intensity of activity; and an entirely sealed, remote latch to lock the mechanical drive out of operation.

Shoe with foot warmer including an electrical generator
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May 26, 1987
Publication Date
November 8, 1988
Nikola Lakic
73-355 Guadalupe Ave. Unit M, Palm Desert, 92260
Plante Strauss Vanderburgh
A43B 7/02
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