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An apparatus for storing and releasing information contains at least one reading device for reading codings arranged upon, or associated with, saleable goods. Also provided is a storage unit for storing information and a corresponding output unit. The apparatus offers to users, in department stores or the like and directly and reliably, specific information concerning products to be sold. The data processing unit comprises a programmable coding unit by means of which, on the one hand, address signals for the information and, on the other hand, associated codings are stored. By use of a reading device, and through the coding unit, the desired information is called upon from the storage unit and is made accessible on the output unit.

Apparatus for retrieving stored information about various items in response to coding on the items
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June 28, 1985
Publication Date
October 25, 1988
Heinz G Baus
35 Wartbodenstrasse, CH-3626 Hunibach-Thun
Foley & Lardner Schwartz Jeffery Schwaab Mack Blumenthal & Evans
G06K 9/18
G06F 15/40
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