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A method of manufacturing by a powder metallurgy process a rotary drill bit including a bit body having a plurality of cutting elements mounted on the outer surface thereof comprises the steps of forming a hollow mould for moulding at least a portion of the bit body, packing the mould with powdered matrix material, and infiltrating the material with a metal alloy in a furnace to form a matrix. Before packing the mould with powdered matrix material, there are postioned in spaced locations on the interior surface of the mould a plurality of cutting element, each of which is formed of a material, such as a polycrystalline diamond material, which is thermally stable at the temperature necessary to form the matrix. Also positioned in the mould, adjacent the rearward side of each cutting element, is a support material such that, at least after formation of the matrix, the support material has a higher modulus of elasticity than the matrix.

Manufacture of rotary drill bits
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October 24, 1986
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October 25, 1988
John D Barr
Browning Bushman Zamecki & Anderson
Reed Tool Company
B22F 7/00
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