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A medical scope guide allows internal body tissues to be viewed. The scope guide includes an elongated hollow tube having opposite inner and outer ends, and a transparent inflatable balloon secured to the inner end of the tube. The outer end of the tube is sealable and is adapted to slidably receive a scope device which extends through the tube and into the balloon. Air can be introduced and released through the tube into and from the balloon for inflating and deflating the balloon. In order to view the internal body tissues, a surgical incision is made in the body of the patient and the scope guide is inserted through the incision such that the inner end of the tube is located within the body and the outer end of the tube is located outside the body. The scope is inserted through the tube and into the balloon and the balloon is inflated so as to engage the body tissues to be observed. The body tissues are viewed with the scope device, which is removed from the scope guide when viewing is completed. The scope guide can remain in position in the body for later viewing of the tissues.

Disposable surgical scope guide
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February 24, 1987
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October 25, 1988
James A Coil Jr
920 - 51st St., West Des Moines, 50265
Ronald K Grooters
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Zarley McKee Thomte Voorhees & Sease
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