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Apparatus for controlling the transmission power of a transmitting station over a digital radio communication channel, based on information relating to the level of the signal received at a receiving station and information relating to the quality of such received signal relative to a predetermined error rate. The signal level information and signal quality information is derived by respective threshold measurement devices in the receiving station, and is transmitted back to the transmitting station over a return channel. The transmitting station comprises means for effecting combined processing of such information to derive a control signal which controls means for increasing or decreasing the transmitting power over a dynamic adjustment range. In a first part of such dynamic range such control is based only on the information relating to received signal level, and over a second part of such range such control is additionally based on the quality of the received signal.

Apparatus for controlling transmission power over a digital radio communication channel
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December 11, 1986
Publication Date
October 11, 1988
Christophe Lerouge
Georges Bonnerot
Les Ullis
Leroy Eason
Thomas A Briody
Telecommunications Radioelectriques et Telephoniques T R T
H04B 1/38
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