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The present invention relates to a novel lighted inflatable ball having a novel structural design to enable the inflatable ball to be lighted at night for recreation. A hollow compartment of soft PVC membrane is centrally provided in an inflatable ball. One end of the hollow compartment is closed and the other end closable by a closure. A battery cell holder with switch is insertable in the hollow compartment. Wiring from the cell holder passes through the soft membrane layer by means of a blockading member in which the wiring is airtightly fused. The cell wiring is connected to bulb wiring of a plurality of bulbs fixed in projecting rings molded on outer sides of the hollow compartment.

Lighted inflatable ball
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January 28, 1987
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October 11, 1988
Chao Ming Yang
2Fl., 17-1, Lane 2 Kwang-Wu St., Pan Chiao
Holman & Stern
A63B 43/06
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