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A pair of running shoes provided with a housing at the heel thereof, into one of which an electronic device is removably mounted. The electronic device comprises a normally open inertia switch for producing a footstrike count, an oscillator crystal for providing a stopwatch function, a sound generating device, a battery power source and a gate array for counting time and footstrikes. The electronic device together with a computer and a cable for enabling communication between the computer and the electronic device in the shoe form a computer shoe system for enabling accurate information to be obtained with respect to a period of usage of the shoes of one or more users as well as enabling a running log to be maintained. The computer shoe system is capable of producing more accurate data related to distance and speed of travel than simple pedometer arrangements because, instead of utilizing a stride length constant, the system converts running time and footstrike data into distance and running speed information as a function of stride time. In a preferred form, the housing for each shoe wraps around the heel thereof so as to form an external heel counter.

Computer shoe system and shoe for use therewith
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February 3, 1986
Publication Date
September 13, 1988
Peter R Cavanagh
State College
Sixbey Friedman Leedom & Ferguson
Puma Aktiengesellschaft Rudolf Dassler Sport
A43B 5/00
G01C 22/00
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