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A signal channel system which is particularly suitable for the employment of direct conversion receivers has a block of adjacent transmission frequency bands allocated to it. Each signal channel is split into two sub-channels or parts occupying mutually different frequency bands for transmission and the bands occupied by the sub-channels of the various channels are interleaved. In the receiver the local oscillator is tuned midway between the bands corresponding to the sub-channels of the wanted channel and the corresponding signals are recovered by bandpass filtering, phase-shifting, summing and differencing, demodulating and combining the frequency down-converted outputs of quadrature related mixers to which the received and the local oscillator signals are applied. Although d.c. block capacitors are used in the outputs of the mixers, these can have a low value because the notch formed in the transmission frequency characteristic does not affect the reception of the required signals, so that the receiver can settle rapidly at switch-on.

Signal transmission system and a transmitter and a receiver for use in the system
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June 30, 1986
Publication Date
August 30, 1988
Christopher B Marshall
Leroy Eason
Thomas A Briody
U S Philips
H04J 1/00
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